BUYING A CONDOMINIUM! New Building in Tiergarten

Redeveloped Building in Tiergarten with Bespoke Floor Plans

People seeking to buy a condominium in Berlin tend to have the choice between a period flat or a new-build one. It is not an obvious choice, because modern new-build apartments with bespoke floor plans are just as coveted as exclusive flats in historic buildings. Particularly popular are properties—intended either as buy-to-let investment or for owner-occupancy—located in the heart of the inner city. The ensemble of recently constructed buildings on the corner of Flotowstrasse 1 and Bachstrasse in Berlin-Tiergarten offers modern condominiums in a central location for either purpose.

Built in 1984, the apartment complex on the corner of Flotowstrasse and Bachstrasse in the Hansaviertel block in Berlin-Tiergarten is conspicuous with its striking architecture, which is associable with the 1979-1987 IBA Berlin International Building Exhibition and defined by bespoke façade and floor plan design. The building, which faces the corner of Flotowstrasse and Bachstrasse as well as the building next door at an acute angle, was comprehensively redeveloped in 2016/2017. Façades and stairwells were brightened up with a welcoming new colour scheme.

New-Built Condominium in Tiergarten

The modern multi-unit dwelling is grouped around an inner courtyard with old-growth trees and pleasantly discreet landscaping. The building is separated from Bachstrasse by a small front garden. The flats inside have differentiated floor plans and range from 2 to 4 bedrooms and from around 64 to 95 square metres in residential floor area. Large window expanses admit plenty of light into the flats with their bespoke layouts. The majority of the flats feature conservatories that lend the flats a bright and sweeping character with their floor-length glass panes. Other apartments come with a balcony. The backside of the building features stylistically striking pergolas. All of the flats have tub-equipped bathrooms and separate kitchens while some also have extra guest WCs and storage rooms. Located right in front of the residential building are proprietary parking spots that are secured by a barrier and reserved for residents of the building as private parking spaces.

Buying a condominium in Tiergarten or elsewhere presents an opportunity to live in a home you own outright or to prepare for the future by buying and letting a property and thereby creating more security of income in old age. Please do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly advise you on the purchase of a condominium in Tiergarten or other parts of Berlin.

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